Fantasy Artwork from Art Licensing

Apr 21, 2009



Art Licensing has had a strong history with fantasy artwork. We’ve been successful in licensing this look to all kinds of products from clothing & apparel to toys & puzzles. We have several artists who’s work is used regularly on these products and are asked to continually create new imagery for our clients.



Some of the more popular product categories for this style of artwork include puzzles, t-shirts & clothing, cell phone & computer wallpaper, foil prints, mugs, and switchplate covers, as well as many others.  You may even see many of these products on the shelves of your local retail stores.



This fantasy work fits well into the current market trends as well.  Blue has been a strong color, in various shades, for some time and is used quite frequently in fantasy artwork.



Green, as well as purple, are additional trend-right colors being used in all areas of home décor.  Fantasy artwork uses these tones in brighter, more intense ways, but nonetheless they still relate to what’s current and blend well on the retail store shelves.

Whenever there’s a need for fantasy artwork, Art Licensing can certainly provide quality pieces from our talented group of artists.  They continually paint it, and we continually sell it!

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