I am a self-taught painter, specializing in oils and living in Angoulême, France. I work with art galleries in France, England, The Netherlands, Portugal and the Czech Republic. I have also exhibited in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain as well as in major historic Parisian exhibitions and throughout France.

My work focuses on two styles: still life, with the easel "trompe l’oei" technique, also known as reality painting and surrealism inspired by popular culture, magic realism, and iconography.

The latter is imbued with a touch of fantasy, symbolism and tenderness thanks to a subtle palette blending baroque details and poetry with a retro-childish universe. Subject matter depicts bygone or antiquated periods. Many paintings display animals in adoring postures dressed in period costumes.

The precision and mellow contours of my paintings, charm viewers thanks to the nostalgia they exude.

I'm inspired to give shape to the numerous ideas running unexpectedly through my mind. Even though I tackle a dozen paintings at once, I can never catch up with my creativity! Oil paintings and its various requests is a school of patience for such an impatient artist as I am!

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