Tina Lavoie is a lifelong artist with three obsessions: color, color and color, and has spent her life immersed in it. Besides reveling in color as she creates, she has spent years studying color theory, as well as the ways in which color can impact mood. 

Taught to draw at age 7 by her Jazz musician father, she is now, many years later, a professionally trained artist and graphic designer. Tina is happiest when creating art in a variety of styles and studying Art History. When creating art, she enjoys being on-trend in her designs for canvas art, and loves making patterns for fabric and home decor products.

Ms. Lavoie is also a co-owner of the vintage-style brass jewelry and accessory supply company, Fallen Angel Brass©. Her long love affair with jewelry design, creation, metal-smithing, traditional and digital art/design have co-mingled and have resulted in artistic creations exuding a fresh style that is uniquely hers.

When she is not busy creating, Tina likes to satisfy her eclectic tastes in art, film, good television, books and music, and is happily married and lives in Montreal with her talented film editing/photographer husband, and their Shi Tzu, Puppyboy Buddy Lavoie, aka Sir Lix-A-Lot.

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