Tim Marsh is predominately a self taught American artist whose works have been included in many private collections both here in the states as well as internationally. His studio is located in southeast Michigan where he resides with his family just outside of Ann Arbor. His home also includes a chorus of human, furred, feathered and scaled children. Tim's passion for all living things embodies a deep appreciation for nature and enjoys specializing in tropical and exotic subject.

While a tropical nature artist in the North has it's challenges, Tim's work has been well received. He has been featured numerous times by art organizations, art fairs and special events. He is the recipient of seven People's Choice Awards and numerous exhibit placement awards. Tim was chosen as the 2010 Featured Artist for the acclaimed Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair.

"I've enjoyed exploring such places as Hawaii, Jamaica, Southern California, the northern woodlands of Washington state, the mountains of Pennsylvania and Tennessee and my favorite, camping in Everglades National Park. Whether hiking some exotic destination or here in Michigan, I am in awe of this world's amazing beauty and endless inspiration for my work."

If there is a message to be found in his work, Tim's hope is that it is to value, nurture and respect all the inhabitants of our planet.

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