Tammy is a photographer, digital/mixed media artist and graphic designer. Her style is eclectic, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources.  You’ll often see nature as a primary inspiration in her work. Her time in Bonaire both above and below the sea has led to many of the colorful creatures she’s brought to life. These works provide Tammy the opportunity to convey musical and spiritual influences with psychedelic color palettes and Zen meditative patterns. Her artwork is often a blend of traditional and digital media, combining photography, collage, printmaking and digital painting.

Tammy has had a camera slung around her neck since she was a young child, and has been teaching photography at not-for-profits and Buffalo Seminary high school for the last two decades. Helping young girls learn how to use technology to bring their artistic visions alive has been incredibly rewarding.

She is inspired by: Mexican folk art, vintage imagery, landscapes, sunshine and warm weather, the ocean, abandoned places, music, history, birds, spiritual practice, and the cosmos. Tammy has traveled for work and play as a live music photographer, urban explorer with a love for abandoned architecture, and is perhaps part sea creature herself – driven often by the strong call of the ocean!

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