Suzanne Bonin was raised in a small village in New Brunswick (Canada). As a teenager, she asked for a camera as a Christmas gift and got a Kodak Ektralite - from then on she loved capturing family memories amongst other things.

Years passed and, in August of 1999, she underwent a laser eye surgery that didn’t go as planned causing her poor night vision (halos, starbursts, glare), loss of contrast, double vision, etc. As a result, even after several additional surgeries, she had to quit her job and reevaluate her options as to how she would cope with her new “vision”. In the end, she chose to focus all her energy on her family.

After moving quite a bit for her husband’s demanding job, Suzanne and her family settled to Canada’s National Capital Region. She's now a full-time stay at home wife and mom of three beautiful young men: a singleton and twin boys.

In 2017, she bought her first real camera and reconnected with her long lost hobby shooting at Ottawa’s “garden city”: it was love at first “shoot”.

She is a self-thought budding (pun intended) macro flower photographer with a keen artistic eye seeking perfection. In the field, she doesn’t modify the flowers’ environments: what you see is what you get with sometimes only minor editing.

She is definitely not a storyteller - she lets her photos tell the whole story.

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