Ever since I was a child, I would draw everything I liked and wanted to duplicate it onto paper. Exactly as I would see it as a matter of fact. (although my parents thought it was just a normal thing, lol) As I got older I always pursued my love of art by being in an art class throughout my grade and high school days. I started a little side business in 1996 making crafts while being a stay at home mom to my first born love, my son Caleb.

Life took me in a different direction. I learned to endure some of life's toughest challenges that would either break me or make me stronger. Those years made me rely on the fact that although I couldn’t see the sunshine from behind the clouds that were over me, I ALWAYS knew the sunshine was there. I had FAITH and believed, good or bad, everything happens for a reason. Now lets fast forward a bit.

It was 2010 and my 2nd child's first birthday where the “magical moment happened”. I wanted to try my hand at making one of those amazing cakes I had seen on the web and on TV for her special day. Wow wow wow!! What was this that I just discovered? After all these years of not using my hands to be creating, I finally found a renewed passion and LOVE for another new art form, FONDANT! I was in my element, finally, it just smacks you in the face!!! I thought at first it was my love of baking cakes and making treats, but it didn’t take long to discover that my DRIVE and PASSION was in this simple sugary goodness called fondant. Sooo simple, soooo sweet, it was a way for me and my soul to be on a happy high! My Sugar High! So in June of 2011, I officially started up my business and Sugar High, Inc. was born! Sugar High, Inc. allows me to have that creative outlet that I missed for so long. I make my creations because I want to and because I just ADORE all the things that I keep learning and all the AMAZING people I am meeting in this industry. I am excited about this new chapter in my life that is just beginning! It touches my heart to be able to inspire. I sincerely thank everyone who has helped to make this all possible!

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