Staff in the spotlight- Week 3!

Aug 12, 2013



This is the third installment of our "Staff in the Spotlight" series so you can get to know all of us!  

 To learn more about our Licensing Associate, Syrena O'Neil, check out her uncensored answers to our questionnaire below.  


Staff Spotlight Questionnaire 









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Name:  Syrena O'Neil  



Title at ALI:  Licensing Associate/ Social Media Liaison   



What does your job require you to do?  I make sales, work with artists to develop art for my customers, update the social media sites, organize trade shows and plan travel accommodations.  



What is your favorite type of art? My favorite type of art is Whimsical, but I am inspired by photography.   



What is your favorite trade show to attend? (Or what trade show would you like to attend)?  My favorite show is the Atlanta Gift Show!  



What ALI artists do you think are artists to watch (choose 4)? Color Bakery, Jennifer Nilsson, Fiona Stokes-Gilbert,  Karen Middleton.  



Where did you grow up?  Whitehall, NY  



What is your family like? Fun! 



What do you do in your free time? I love spending time with my husband and 2 dogs (Marley and Bear) camping, kayaking, swimming, snowmobiling, etc.  


Marley         Syrena and Her Husband          Bear




What is your favorite movie/TV show? Favorite movie= Clueless. Favorite TV show= The Middle or Modern Family 



What is your favorite song? “Sugar Magnolia”- The Greateful Dead   



What is your favorite book? Too many to choose just 1 



What is your favorite food? Tacos 




If you could visit 1 place on Earth for 24 hours, where would you go?  Greece 



What is a personal tidbit of info you would like to share? I love to laugh and have a good time. I am rarely serious- 90% of what I say is a line from a funny movie.   


Posted by: syrenam


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