Sheena is a self taught Canadian illustrator finding her way through the world of Art and discovering herself along the way. Inspired by many things she enjoys exploring the beautiful imaginative world of pop surrealism by combining realistic and illustrative styles. Whimsy and otherworldly, her work often evokes an intensity giving you a glimpse into her creative mind and the way she sees the world.

Fascinated by color since a young child, she demonstrates it’s beauty by taking full advantage of the glorious palette of colors that our spectrum has to offer. Captivating her audience with intricate details exploring femininity, nature, surreal, emotional, imaginative and whimsy images. Sheena’s style has developed as a true reflection of herself and she is looking to continue to evolve.

“I have dreamt of my art becoming a brand in the marketplace, I’m a dreamer and always will be.”

After a seven year break from drawing and experiencing a tragic loss in her life she turned back to art as a way to heal, and in doing so realized her life was lacking without it. Her ambition to work from home while raising her daughters has given her the drive to pursue a future as an illustrator. Sheena was featured in Color Pencil Magazine Student Digest in the winter of 2015 issue and was invited back to the Magazine in 2016 discussing her mixed media techniques.

“I’m excited to show my daughters that they can dream and see a bigger picture for themselves, pursue a future they are passionate about, and with hard work they can make it happen.”

As Sheena has continued to developed a style all of her own and discover her niche people have begun to respond. She hopes to continue to captivate, inspire and create beautiful imagery finding her way into your imagination.

“Forever captured by my visions I am a prisoner with a pencil in hand, then I set myself free”. – Sheena Pike

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