William Schimmel, Jr. was born in Arizona, where he studied and taught with his father, William B. Schimmel, a highly regarded watercolorist and art instructor.  For over eleven years, Schim taught oil, watercolor and acrylic landscape painting to thousands of students throughout the Midwest and in Arizona. 

In addition to his painting and teaching, Schim is an accomplished songwriter.  In all of his artistic endeavors, says Schim, “Ideas come from many sources, but always originate as a reflection of my spiritual outlook and concern for the planet.  The central theme permeating my work as a whole is the concept of planetary interdependency.  I believe in an inherent unity and oneness pervading all creation.”

 “My work is created out of a need to be self-expressive, and in the process bring more thought-provoking beauty and joy into the world.  I like to think of my paintings as metaphors for the unity of all that we see, feel and experience.  My greatest joy is found in the act of painting and sharing my paintings with others.  The process of painting is exciting, an adventure in self-discovery – the final result a spiritual stimulant.  In the end, it’s a shared experience between artist and viewer.”

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