Sarah is a German illustrator and graphic designer who was professionally trained at a fashion and design school in Munich.

After a stressful career as an senior Art Director in the advertising industry, she was burned out. So she decided to take a sabbatical year for traveling and rethinking about career paths.

After months of traveling through India, Nepal, China and Indonesia she was relaxed enough to start scribbling, doodling and painting again, which she hasn‘t done since art school. It was fun, inspiring, relaxing and filled something deep inside her.

She is constantly thinking about food, so a lot of her artworks are about food, especially the healthy vegetarian kind. So you can find her in the kitchen, often with a watercolor palette, thinking about food or preparing food, thinking about her next painting.

As a passionated snorkeler and diver she loves every creature under water. You can find that in her art.

She lives in Munich, which is surrounded by beautiful nature, especially the alps, the river Isar and many lakes, constantly inspiring her to draw flowers, birds and nature in general.

She mixes a lot of techniques, traditional and digital and loves a colorful palettes.

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