After picking up a camera and seeing the results from the first rolls of black and white film some 15 years ago, it was clear that this was going to be a long-term liaison with photography.

Being employed on international music tours and thus travelling a lot for work, this has allowed him to capture and document the spirit of a lot of places.

In search of unique imagery the photographer is not shy to use various experimental techniques such as cross-processing, using toy cameras, multiple exposures, color gelled lighting, using flatbed scanners or a phone camera as a capture device, etc ..

The instruments used are of less importance than the final results obtained.

Robin will try to capture the essence of a place whilst adding his own twist to it.

One of the larger projects are the double exposure photographs which are always made on the spot with a handheld SLR camera.

His artworks are featured on book covers and displayed in boutique hotels and several international galleries. He sells his images in Bruges where he occupies a spot on the local artisans market whenever he is home.

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