Richard's influence comes predominantly from music where he sees harmony as the result of diversity; where each note, varied in duration and tempo, colored with flat or sharp amazingly contributes to a symphonic beauty. Richard approaches colors and shapes in the same way with concepts that celebrate love, peace, gratitude, passion, success, beauty and unity.

Through digital medium, Richard intuitively merges colors and shapes into a beauty we could call a “song”. Richard’s works can be found in print design, surface design and greeting cards. His love for words also takes him on the journey of various enriched word art you can find is his collections. But there is one truth that is left to be said. Richard graduated studying languages and business. He has a strong passion for music and writing and has published three books. Becoming a creative designer was never expected.

In his own words, Richard captured it so well “The voice of a calling can be so subdued that we barely hear it. But there always comes a time when circumstances force us into submission.” So, here lives Richard, finally submitted to the will of the muse.

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