Randy VanBeek was raised in the Pacific Northwest. As a child he exhibited exceptional artistic talent with an intense interest in drawing.

After graduating from high school, Randy pursued no formal art training. During that period, abstract and expressionism was the trend for most art colleges. Randy’s interest was always in traditional realism, so he sought out his own education. Living near Western Washington University gave him access to their extensive art library where he studied and practiced the techniques of his favorite master artists.

Most of his attention was focused on the eighteenth century Dutch and Austrian masters, and the nineteenth century American painters particularly the Hudson River School group. The time spent in museums in the U.S. and Europe also proved invaluable to his artistic development. His work has evolved into a unique style truly his own, but the influence of the masters is very evident. His strong designs, poetic compositions and beautiful light stir the emotions, carrying the viewer to a peaceful world of beauty and nostalgia.

Randy began painting full time in 1980 and every day of painting and observing nature and sunlight is an ongoing education. “Once a year I set aside a month to study a new area in depth. I use what I observe to convey my inspiration and appreciation of the natural world. I hope my work can move people to see their own roles as stewards of our planet. I an very concerned with the conservation and preservation of wilderness areas and open spaces and finding the balance with our own economic needs.”

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