Peter Potter was born in Germany, and started painting at the age of 9. He discovered his interest in graphic artworks, especially American art, while studying 4 years at an art and design college. He worked in several advertising agencies, and traveled through North America for many years, taking home thousands of impressions inspiring him for his artworks.

His techniques were influenced by painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Edward Hopper, and also by the photos and posters of the National Geographic Magazine.

He has always been open to all styles, representing in a certain way, what America is all about: Diversity, and so America is the main theme in most of his artworks. His impressionistic paintings and drawings feature US city scenes as well as landscapes of the American West. He produced interesting collages and unusual photographs, and in the era of computers, he extended his collection with digital artworks and surrealistic fantasy art.

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