Born and raised in the Midwest I moved to Loveland, Colorado in 1999. Within a year I embarked on a full time career as a professional artist. For the past 18 years my body of work has mainly been animals. Between my scheduled animal commissions, I create abstracts and Aboriginal dot paintings.

I graduated from Beloit College at the age of 50 as an already established artist. The experience of college as a non-traditional student was exciting and insightful into the direction I wanted my art career to grow.

I was invited to participate in the Governors Show in Loveland two years ago on the strength of my emerging abstract work. For the past year, I have been studying and experimenting with using different mediums and found objects to create collaged abstracts. The unlimited creative process is what excites me. I believe this new path will capture my heart as the animal paintings have.

My home and the great outdoors is my studio. In the warm months I am able to create larger work by painting outside. I have some very colorful drips and spatters that adds beauty to an artistic backyard.

The ability to communicate my joy of creating is shared through workshops, and teaching classes at The Loveland Museum/Gallery, Lincoln Gallery and cruise ships. As a licensed artist, the public can purchase from various online sites, canvas reproductions. My work is donated yearly to animal rescues and fundraisers.

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