Creating art has always been an integral part of me and I have worked abstractly in most art mediums for most of my life. I wanted an art medium that was easy to travel with. I bought an entry level DSRL Nikon and I fell in love with taking photos, all the art mediums that I have ever worked with came together for me in photography. I became fascinated with close-up / macro floral photography, I guess it’s because I am always looking for relationships between color, shapes and textures and how light plays with everything. Macro floral photography had all of the components I am drawn to and what I love to capture and express in my art. My passion is to find a composition that is not normally seen, such as a tiny solo flower backlite by the sun, or a flower viewed from underneath rather than from above. I love photographing nature in general, and specifically flowers. When I look at a flower, I see softness, I see curves and color, often I see a dance. I am fascinated by the patterns, lines, textures and designs in the natural world, especially the macro area. I am forever grateful to share my vision with others and hope my photos bring a smile and joy.

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