Born in London, England to Irish parents, Nora's family emigrated to Australia on the famous Post War Australian Immigration Ships when she was two.

Nora got her first camera, a Kodak Brownie, when she was ten. Her interest in photography stayed with her. After marrying her husband an American who was living in Australia, they moved to the United States in 1977. After their first child was born, Nora took a photography class, there she learned many of the darkroom basics.

Nora's first jobs in photography were composites of children who wanted to break into an acting career. Now a full time business, specializing in hand-tinted photographs of children. Nora has techniques that she uses for capturing the children's natural look. She makes the photography session a game for them, letting the children be themselves and have fun. Nora has a full wardrobe of clothing in children's sizes and a variety of props. The children become involved in what they are doing and Nora is able to capture a natural look.

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