Ralf Schuetz received his education in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he graduated from graphic design school with a major in typography and a minor in textile design. After working in type houses, ad agencies and design firms in Germany, Miami and Colorado, getting into the arts just seemed to be a natural progression, allowing him to use his visual communication skills to stimulate emotions and to encourage a reevaluation of the path our society is stumbling down.

It used to be challenging to me to find a healthy balance between creating entertaining eye candy and fulfilling the artist’s obligation of sending out meaningful messages, by rubbing into the audience faces that humanity is doomed if we don't choose compassion over profit. Now I find it more important to motivate people to dream, to stimulate their senses and childhood memories so that they find fulfillment again in simple pleasures, to connect with nature and their creative power, which is rooted inside all of us. We can unlock those powers when we still ourselves and get rid of any kind of judgement - about other people, about situations, and most of all about our perceived limitations.

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