"MIGUEL BALBÁS: an achievement of form, or the discovery of beauty." The most difficult thing for any creator is to reflect something beautiful on a canvas, to be able to successfully “organize and manage” that empty space that he has in front of him, and, for this reason, it is important to appreciate the expressive skill of the creator. Miguel Balbás treats his works like an architect executing his project. From the initial sketches to the end product, the spontaneity that apparently reigns in his creations is nothing more than an illusion, for it is with decided criteria that the author reflects his ideas on the materials. This collection is the result of uncountable hours of work and dedication, of searching and experimenting which, in the end, as is clearly seen, has paid off.

Miguel Balbás has been involved in this world of art for many years already, and throughout those years he has been committed to “taking advantage” of the materials that he has had around him, giving them life in unimaginable ways and versions. Miguel Balbás has not ruled out any of them, everything from the roughest to the most sophisticated material find a place in his studio, and he has known how to achieve the best with them, through his work and dedication. I believe we find ourselves before an artist that will go very far; both personally and professionally, Miguel is one of a kind, and his benevolence, sensitivity and good taste will make him a distinguished master who will continue to delight us with his works for many years.

Miguel’s most recent exhibition is the 2016 Collection at the Eka & Moor Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain.

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