Michelle Glennon grew up in a family of professional, classical musicians. This environment nurtured her artistic sensibility. Always painting and drawing, her parents saw early on that her inclination was to the fine arts. They enrolled her in art programs offered through Milwaukee Art Museum and off she went. Later, she went to the University of Wisconsin where she studied fine art, design and art history.

Michelle is an interdisciplinary artist. Currently, she is greatly influenced by nature’s patterns. She enhances her photographs, illustrations and paintings by merging this imagery into a hybrid creation which adds a layered, visual uniqueness. “I want to bring out the inner spirit of things, like what I see in the natural world. I especially love the patterns that exist in nature. I want to bring out their beautiful essence.”  

Michelle is also a storyteller and gathers her inspiration from stories all around us and uses this inspiration to tell a story contained within her art—painting or illustration. “They’re just small little story snippets that I think everyone experiences.”  She has also written and illustrated 11 children’s books, such as, “My Big Green Teacher” series which teaches children about recycling and conservation and “Owen and Mzee: A Little Story of Big Love.”

In 1993, she opened Glennon Design Group, a graphic design studio in Atlanta. Her compelling imagery are a key component in her success as a graphic designer. In 2006, she opened GDG Publishing, a children’s book publishing company. 

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