Michael Jackson has been interested in both art and nature from an early age. Born in Lancashire, England, he spent most of his youth drawing, painting and bird watching. By the time he was seventeen he had a wide knowledge of European Bird, Mammal, and Plant Life. Michael studied Natural History and Scientific Illustration at Blackpool College of Art, and was awarded the Rotary Award: “ Student of the Year”. After college Michael worked freelance as an Advertising and Publishing Illustrator specializing in Wildlife.

Michael’s spare time is often devoted to field trips to study birds and mammals in their natural habitat. In recent years he has traveled extensively in pursuit of both reference and furthering his knowledge as a naturalist, having visited many wildlife sanctuaries in such places as Nepal, India, Borneo, Africa, Thailand and America. During these trips Michael spends a great deal of time meticulously sketching and photographing the many varied subjects that he encounters and hours are then spent in planning and composing each painting. Michael’s highly developed painting technique combined with a thorough knowledge of the natural sciences enables him to create pictures that are not only technically accurate but also very much alive.

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