I am endlessly grateful to those who value my work as a way to help bring their ideas, stories, and messages to life. For anyone who is an artist at heart, few other career paths could be as fulfilling as a creative one... particularly one that contributes to the work of others!

My primary focus is commercial illustration and licensing, and I have a special affection for vibrant color, bold texture, and whimsy. If you've noticed that my work tends to be inspired by the feathered, furry, hooved, and otherwise, you're spot on! In addition to my career in illustration, I've spent over a decade working in animal welfare, and also have a deeply rooted adoration for wildlife that tends to come through in my art.

A native of Texas with a bit of a nomad's heart, I've been so fortunate to experience a variety of new places and alternative lifestyles. If I bring anything to my creative work, I hope that it's the same sense of whimsy, positivity, and beauty that I find in the world around me.

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