I was born during the summer of 1977 in the capital of my country Bulgaria, Sofia. I am a son of two cultures. My father is from Afghanistan and my mother is from Bulgaria. Now we all live in sunny San Diego, California. I’ve loved drawing from as far back as I can remember.

As a teenager, I fell in love with black and white photography and went on to study it for 5 years in school. I won an award in International Assembly of Photography 1996 organized by The Red Cross.

After serving in the military for 1 year, my life went in different directions as I was searching for my way. During those years, I designed primarily with pencils and black markers. I started tattooing professionally in 2004. I am a self-taught painter inspired by objects in nature that I observe and rearrange through my own thought interpretation. I love to find solutions with the help of imagination and paint markers on plexiglas standing in for canvas or needles on skin. Each piece gives me the energy of new love that I am creating. Sometimes when I paint I just see the image. Other times, I have no idea what is coming next and what will happen. Sometimes it’s just relaxing, like a meditation. My canvas, no matter skin, plexiglas or paper, is like my personal diary. I want to share my art journey through life with whoever finds it interesting, inspiring, and touching.

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