Maciej Duczynski is perhaps the most well-known of all the Polish landscape and travel photographers, known particularly for his photographs of Norway. Born November 2, 1975 in Katowice, has discovered his passion for photography traveling around Europe during

his study time. Entirely self-taught, Maciej captures the drama of the lighting in the natural world, loves vibrant colors in sunrises and sunsets, textures, flowing water and waterfalls, but mainly has the passion for the beauty of wild and inaccessible mountains. In his splendid shots he tries to capture the mood of the scene and how the light interacts with the scene. His Photography has showcased in various local and international publications, won more than 100 competitions in 30 countries and has been used in several areas. Maciej is a contributor to a number of online Photography communities; he is also a member of juries including the biggest international contest Trierenberg Super Circuit.

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