Welcome to Lynda’s world of colour, fun and happiness! Lynda’s paintings and illustrations are reflections of how the world would look if her imagination was in charge.

Lynda Bell is a New Zealand artist who paints stories and illustrates her day-dreams. She lives in the South Island of New Zealand with her husband, two children, dog, cats, rabbit, guinea pig and turtle. Her love of animals and children is abundant and is reflected in every piece of artwork that she makes.

Lynda has always wanted to be an artist, having had the goal to write and illustrate children’s books since before she started school, she decided to develop her book enthusiasm by becoming an elementary school teacher, and later a preschool teacher. Her hunger for making art was too big to ignore, however, so she gave up teaching and moved cities to study art and pursue the dream she had always wanted. Lynda ended up doing a lot of study, gaining an Honours Diploma in Art and Creativity, a Diploma of Painting, a Bachelor of Visual Art and a Masters of Arts in Arts Therapy (first class honours). Her Arts Therapy training sparked a keen desire to explore therapeutic storytelling and art as a therapeutic tool. This can be reflected in her artwork, which is filled with stories – some well-known, and others imagined.. She hopes that each viewer will create their own tales when looking at her paintings and Illustrations.

At the end of her BVA degree, Lynda won a scholarship which gave her a studio to use for a year and a large solo exhibition. Ever since then, she has been working full time as an artist, participating in various solo and group exhibitions, including contributing art to animal rights and vegan groups internationally. Lynda’s strong passion for animal rights is the driving force behind most of her artwork. She aims to produce art that encourages kindness and love towards all animals and inspires positive change in the world, while creating feelings of hope and joy.

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