I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia and immigrated to New York City in 1995. I currently reside in Indianapolis, Indiana with my husband and small children. I love to travel with them all over the world and am always on the go. I work full-time as a criminal attorney for the State, so art has been an escape for me since beginning my legal career.

I discovered my love of photography about four years ago when I started posting images I shot with my iPhone on Instagram. One of the photos I took was inadvertently entered into the Bicentennial Celebration Contest for Indiana and won second place, so I was able to use the winnings to purchase my first camera and lens.

I enjoy recreating my own little happy worlds through post-editing and through use of vintage lenses. My focus tends to be macro photography and still-life scenes that include butterflies, birds, and flowers. I have recently found success in working with small businesses, private individuals, and App developers. My goal is to continue to spread positivity and uplifting magical photos with the world.

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