Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Lauren Moss has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of engaged interdisciplinary projects for over a fifteen years. She has had natural sculptural installations placed at The University of Texas at Tyler, along with several works in printmaking and collage, added to the Collections at the University of Texas at Tyler.  Moss obtained her BFA in Art History from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2005.  In 2006, Moss married her high school sweetheart and in 2009, they welcomed their daughter into the world.  She moved to the lovely area of Sewickley, PA in the Summer of 2015. Since moving, Moss has had exhibitions in many states across the nation.   Recently, Moss obtained bronze place in Art Ascent Magazine, in the Heat theme competition.  She is currently on view at Kara’s Art Brokerage, Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

 Moss’s current work depicts mountain ranges shaped by geological forces, heat, friction, and pressure producing massive change and upheaval to the body of Earth.  In her work mountains not only signify the consequences of thrilling geological forces such, as heat, but also personifies human existence.  Each individual’s story is a collection of forces resulting in a life fashioned thru trial by fire.  Via these unique experiences, each individual mirrors a mountain in that they go through significant influences in a lifetime, the good, the bad, and the heated events, to emerge a unique monument of strength and wisdom unlike any other person.

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