Kyle Rainey, a Baton Rouge, LA native, is a self-taught contemporary multi-media artist. Kyle has always had a passion for art and has been painting for many years. The last 10+ years, Kyle has been exploring different styles and techniques which set him apart from other contemporary artists of today. Kyle has several unique painting styles and when you see a piece of Kyle’s artwork, you will notice right away his unique painting style and use of rich vivid colors.

Kyle gets ideas for his paintings from everyday experiences. He sees art in almost everything he looks at and is constantly exploring new media and ideas. Kyle’s artwork has been featured in galleries in Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, Baton Rouge & even Moscow, Russia. His paintings can also be seen at Holiday Inn Select Hotels all across the U.S.

“I believe in being unique, creative, thinking outside the canvas and taking art to a whole new level.”

I am inspired by nature, my surroundings, architecture and geometric shapes. In my paintings, I combine different media and textures to reflect my ideas and environment. These unique media combinations allow my paintings to take on a whole new dimension.

Since I am self-taught, I am always experimenting with different media and techniques to create different styles. Often, I use non-traditional tools and objects to construct different textures and layers in my paintings.

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