Kelsey Emblow is a Yorkshire based artist and illustrator, who experiments with the stippling and pointillism style, with animals being her main subject.

She studied graphic design and illustration at university and graduated with a first-class honours degree in 2013. With a passion for both illustration and graphic design, she spent 7 years at different graphic design agencies before becoming self-employed

as an illustrator. She has exhibited her animal illustrations in Bradford, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge and stocks her work in a few places across England.

Influenced by a stippling drawing found of her fathers, she began drawing this way and fell in love with it. This led her to experiment with different ways she can use the stippling style in her art. From creating black and white animal illustrations with black

ink to creating colourful digital illustrations. They are first drawn in ink with each colour as a separate layer, before being digitally enhanced with colour in illustrator. She loves animals and draws them more often than not. 

Her earlier work was almost all black and white with little hints of watercolour and largely influenced by nature documentaries. Her favourite mediums are ink and watercolours, recently been exploring oils and acrylics. Her more recent works feature animals depicted in an angelic way, the animals are drawn in a stippling style with black ink on a dreamy looking background and foreground with acrylics or oils.

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