I can not remember a time when I wasn’t sure art would be the focus of my life. It is amazing to me that artists can communicate to the world in the universal language of color, shape, value and line, it’s like magic. Regardless of style, media, technique or subject, the process is the same, a transfer of emotion from artist to viewer.

Most of my work is done in acrylic, oil or watercolor, I find that each of these mediums has a characteristic that is unique. The subject will often dictate which media I choose. Besides media, a subject can also influence the painting style I use. What I refer to as style in my own work is essentially the amount of detail that I feel is necessary to communicate my message. I will also on occasion work on location doing plein-air. Some of my subjects are from places I have traveled to, but much is found close to where I live in the St. Lawrence Valley where the landscape is historically rich in variety of man made and natural elements.

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