Jess! Pfohl is a self taught 21st century American artist residing in Baltimore, Maryland. Jess! holds degrees from St. Bonaventure University in Journalism and Marketing. In 2012 Jess! was endorsed by Campbell’s Soup in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Andy Warhol’s “Campbell Soup Cans.” In September 2016, Jess! headlined the Music is Art Festival supporting the Goo Goo Dolls with her visual art installation gallery, “Sexposé.”

Jess! has worked with many artists throughout a wide range of mediums including film, photography, textile and music. Jess! attributes the combination of these experiences as being the core influence of her work. Even though the style of work changes and evolves, the subject matter tends to revolve around human behavior.

Jess! has works permanently installed at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, New York, E-Villa in Atlanta, Georgia and The Alchemy of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Jess!’ latest collection of works, Watercolor and Inks (completed 4/2016), is licensed for design in the Gift and Home Décor Industry. Product developed by the artist is available in retail locations throughout the United States. The original Pink Claw Blue Crab displayed at the Baltimore Museum of Art, amongst the product it inspired (6/1/16). Jess! continues to paint in this style, regularly updating the art and design catalog; there are currently over 150 images and combinations.

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