I am a fine art artist and photographer from Russia, but currently living in one of the most beautiful European cities, Prague.

Nowadays my fine art harmonically combines photography, digital art and fluid acrylic paintings. A mix that makes my creative spirit complete. 

My artistic name Rainbow is perfectly reflecting the love to all the colors and its combinations. 

I don’t limit myself with art themes as they come naturally to me with spontaneous ideas demanding to get released and come true into the life. You can find in my gallery a big range of themes and styles from fantasy, impressionism and abstract to realism and storytelling art. This applies to all the forms – photography, digital art and acrylic paintings.

I am passionate about nature, animals, earth beauty, spirituality, travel and cultural discovery. I have traveled extensively giving me a multicultural background which has enriched my life, my photography and my artistic experience .  

Lately my works are relating more to nature and its healing vibes that I am able to pass on to viewers who are transformed by my personal artistic vision. Lets say I am creating the visual poetry about how I sense this surrounding world. Photography and art for me is a spiritually multilingual way to get in touch with other hearts.

So welcome to my sparkling Rainbow world of colors, shapes, styles, feelings and emotions!

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