Jennifer is a visionary impressionist oil painter. She paints mainly from life with thick lively strokes, creating a sense of energy. She travels across the country and Europe to painting landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes, capturing moments in time that reveal a story or emotion for her. Her colors are vibrant and fresh, many with an impasto texture. She uses a wide brush and knife for 80 % of the painting, then “refreshes” it by adding harmonic colors and directionally abstract strokes. Her work has been described as “textured and magical” . Her recent work, created while at a residency in France, has received notice from the American Impressionist Society, Plein Air Magazine and has been featured, chosen by the editor, to be on the front cover of Fine Art Connoisseur March/April 2018. A recent article was written about her in Southwest Art Magazine, for “11 Women to Watch.”

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