“My art swings from hand blown glass ornaments and mahjong necklaces to Visa cards somewhere between fine to fun art and hangs in collections and galleries nationally and internationally. It sticks like a magnet with a smile” says American Artist Jennie Cooley. As a visual narrative, Cooley has been shown, collected and featured in magazines, newspapers and online for her pithy content and reckless style with words, color and some glitter.

Cooley studied art up and down the West Coast becoming part of the Low Brow or Pop movement, art once shown from galleries to head shops. It’s Low Rider with folk and surf and what museums show currently and refer to as “Nuevo Pop” and “Post Pop”. She also created two successful Washington newspapers using her words and established her own Canyon Rd. Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“My art is about a moment, you pause, smile, think maybe remember. It’s the moments in color we all share, kids, dogs and life in layers with a smile and a nod of our heads.”

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