For more than a decade, wildlife artist Jeff Tift has dedicated himself to his passion - portraying the natural beauty of the magnificent Pacific Northwest through his paintings. A native of Washington state, Jeff draws his inspiration from his surroundings, researching and studying the wildlife indigenous to his home.

Jeff’s relentless devotion to capturing the beauty of nature on canvas - combined with his enormous talent - has brought him remarkable success and recognition. His works have been represented in some of the most prestigious wildlife art exhibitions in the United States and Canada, and he is the proud recipient of the “Best of Show” award at the famed Pacific Rim Wildlife Show and the People’s Choice Award at the Milwaukee Sports Show.

Concerned with the rapid decline of our country’s environment and the loss of many species of animals, Jeff is motivated by an intense desire to preserve our wildlife in paintings for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. Through his art, Jeff strives to help foster a greater respect and understanding for the world around us.

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