Jeff Sullivan's artwork is an attempt to build a bridge to the realm of sacred reality that exists within us all.

Born and raised in Connecticut his artistic endeavors fluctuated between visual art and music. 

Seeking a creative profession as an educator he studied music for several years earning a degree at the Hartford Conservatory. 

After a profound mystical experience his attention shifted from music to creating artwork with sacred and transcendental attributes. 

The synthesis of music and art combined with meditative awareness and shamanic intent coalesced into a form of artwork with resonant, and vibratory qualities. 

His work has been recognized and featured in European art magazine Peripheral ARTeries, and the work has been displayed at healing and transformative art festivals throughout the country including "Lucidity" in Santa Barbara California, "Unifier" in Tolland Massachusetts and "Gratitude Migration" in Keansburg New Jersey. 

"I feel that art should be of service to humanity. 

Not merely to create new aesthetics but to serve as a sign post that points to the truth that we are one living being. It is only the mind made illusion that we are separate from oneness. 

May art in whatever form serve to open the portal of love and inspiration and heal the wounds of mankind. "

Inspired by love, nature, and meditation he continues to peruse his artistic endeavors in Marlborough Connecticut.  

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