I haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on my to do list. I’ve visited a fair bit of the world, though, witnessing it with the slight disposition of a New Yorker. The New Yorker in me was pummeled and reshaped during my first years in the military. A fast-talking, ‘arrogant’ (my accent made people automatically assume this), over achiever was not received well in a group mostly comprised of less urban people. I was young, and I learned, and I traveled, and  I relearned, and now all of the above is a habit. When the habit fades I know it is time to move again. Along the way I learned first the camera, and later the pen. Today I carry both and they war with each other for my attention. 

Photography began as a means of solving the “no picture, no proof” argument when I used to do solo backcountry hiking in Alaska. I was stationed at Eielson AFB at the time. Since then it’s bloomed, wintered, and bloomed again. I now define my photography within two distinct veins: Comfortable Isolation and the Personification of Nature. In short, I search for scenes of quiet isolation where we can re-engage our ego and, in that discussion, enable personal growth. I am also in search of hints of Nature in her etherial form. Whether it be the shape of a woman in a wave as in the piece “Her;” trees that look alive as in the piece, “Dance;” or a great bird riding the waves as in the piece, “Pacing the Sun.” Art is an expression of the past and the past is an amalgamation. Over time, the grand image changes. I look forward, with trepidation tinged excitement, to the projects I’ll take on the and the hammer that reshapes my being.

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