After receiving an enthusiastic reaction to a painting I completed in 2009 of my beloved dog, Smooch, I decided to further explore the bond we share with our loyal, four legged friends. My canvases are a combination of loose energy, meticulous brush strokes and traditional layering techniques. With influences of Pop Art and Contemporary Realism informing my vision, my objective is to capture an impression that is more intimate and endearing than a stoic, traditional dog portrait.

From my studio in Northeast Ohio, I have completed hundreds of portraits for clients around the world and I’m proud to have my oil on canvas paintings hang in galleries and private collections across the United States. As I continue exploring the loyal friendships we cherish with our dogs, I’m fortunate to begin each morning motivated to get to work with my little buddy, Newburgh napping by my side. I’m grateful to have the companionship of this little assistant that never disappoints in alerting me when it’s time to put down the brushes and go on our daily journey through the park.

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