Ivan Guaderrama opened his first gallery in Chihuahua City, Mexico, in 2005. After moving to Cabo in 2013, Ivan underwent a life-transforming decision to become a follower of Christ. From that moment forward, his art transformed into a fully spirit-led expression. Following this event, Ivan was also inspired to integrate different technologies with his art by creating masterpieces that interactively communicate a profound message through sounds when touched and sounding images that come alive by using the Ivan Guaderrama App he created, Interactive Art was birthed. The underlying inspiration and motivation behind it all are driven by his spiritual mission to convey a message of love, hope and faith expressed through his art and business ventures.

Ivan's presence in the art world today includes two galleries in Cabo, one in the Art District and the second one in Pueblo Bonitoís Quivira Resort Los Cabos, both of which are known to be galleries where visitors and tourists can experience interactive art by touching paintings or holding up a phone or tablet to the art. Also, Ivan Guaderrama's signature brand of kiosks in malls and airports are in their growth stages.

The journey continues. Ivan's deep desire is to touch peoples lives with his art and to add a novel and unique experience to behold through the "coming alive" and the touching of his work.

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