Sangita Bachelet is a contemporary artist, who lives in the United Kingdom. Indian by origin, born in Kenya and raised in London from the age of 5.

Sangita studied at Central Saint Martins school of art in London. Upon leaving college, she started freelancing, designing textiles for the fashion industry, which was fun and exciting, as it allowed her to travel to major cities in the world and experience life at a fast pace.

A few years later, Oxfam Fair Trade approached Sangita, to work for them as a product developer. This opportunity changed her life forever. She worked in some of the most deprived places in the world, a total contrast to her previous travelling experiences. She was there to help artisans use their amazing skills to make products that could be sold in the West for a fair price.

She continued to freelance until she got married and had 3 children, at which point she stopped working and focused on her children for 15 years.

Now she is back, creating art for adults and children with a distinctive personal style.

Growing up in a diverse city, combined with all her adventures of travel and her experiences as a mother, inspired her to create art that uses design and colour from all around the world and for all ages.

Her artwork is brought to life using harmonious colours and bold compositions, playing with pattern and texture to create the building blocks for a story, leading the viewer into a visual journey.

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