Born in Israel, Gal Ben-Aharon lives in a small country village in a cottage that overlooks beautiful, sun drenched fields. Gal finds inspiration in the warmth and beauty of her homeland and in her personal studio - a place that Gal describes as being “full of atmosphere with a lot of treasures and surprises.

Since childhood she loved drawing, designing and collecting beautiful things as well as surrounding herself with colourful world of creativity and happiness.

Gal is a multidisciplinary designer and artist working with textiles, paper products, fashion, home accessories and illustration. Her style is feminine, nostalgic, happy and optimistic.

Gal’s artwork celebrate handcrafted individuality with a touch of nostalgia, intimacy and great attention to detail. She loves rich colours, layered patterns and multiple textures.

Gal design’s are successfully licensed in Israel on stationery, paper goods, wallpapers, gifts, apparel and home ware.

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