My name is Filippo Cardu, i'm 22 and i'm a visual artist/ illustrator based in Italy. 

My creative work mainly consists into heavy detailed, highly decorative, pen and ink illustrations with nature as my subject of choice. I mostly draw animals, plants, minerals and natural elements in general, trying to apply my particular visual language to whatever i work on. I'm completely self taught when it comes to traditional illustration, but i've attended classes for digital art and graphic design. 

My main sources of inspiration are of course nature, but also medieval ornament, chinese traditional illustration and even calligraphy art. This translates into a style that consists of multiple patterns and different types of linework/dotwork. 

I have worked for several companies and i have my art (which is currently showcased in different social media) on prints, magazines, posters, clothing and watches. I currently have a great interest in editorial illustration and adult coloring books. 

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