Fernando Palma is a professional digital concept artist with 20 years of experience working in the arts, illustration, advertising, film, and entertainment industries. He has worked for a range of various companies, including Walt Disney Animation Studios, developing various children’s cartoon animated movies. He has also worked for Animal Logic Special Effects House, where he was lead concept artist.

Fernando’s abilities vary from artistic, retro stylized, illustration, industrial, to graphical, home décor and modern art, to fantasy and science fiction. Fernando often uses bold, striking colors in his art, but also loves to create at times a subtlety of colour, depth, and design, often working with the beauty of nature to demonstrate new stylized, modern and sophisticated works of art. His use of shape, color, pattern and texture are refined in sometimes extreme detail, or simplified to create expressionistic surrealism.

Fernando has an immense passion for daring spectrum and tone, his outstanding creative imagination, and depth of variety is measured only by the overall treasure of life’s gifts.

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