I am Elizabeth An Industrial Engineer who became curious and then passionate about art since high school when instead of art I was taking Chemistry. While in college I was attracted by craft magazines. When I was not studying I was sewing, or cross stitching something. Never enrolled in art courses. I was attracted to ceramics after finishing my degree and having my three sons. I used to walk through art and craft stores admiring artists who “had the most amazing opportunity of selling the art on stores”. I have been creating ceramic art since 1996 and mixed media, collage and painting since 2009. I sell my art through local stores in San Juan, Puerto Rico where tons of tourists and local customers visit. If someone asks me what is your biggest accomplishment I will not hesitate on telling that after my sons, who are just amazing, my most celebrated accomplishment is selling my art in that store that I used to walk and dream. Never imagined that one day some of my pieces where going to be reproduced and sell through a catalog. Now I am pursuing the dream of selling my art in many places around the world through licensing.

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