I like to think of myself as an artist and product designer.

Born 1963: It's a girl!...again.

1970-1981: At school learning what I liked (actually everything as I was and still am a compulsive reader with an insatiable curiosity) and drawing on nearly everything even desks and chairs to make surroundings more..interesting.

1981-1985: Art&Design College &English Studies.

1985-1996: Teaching English and doing my first interior design projects.

1996-NOW: Doing what I love most: designing and supervising the production of kids decor products, lifestyle accessories and seasonal decorations.

My first memory is of a garden. I am four years old and I am making stuffed vine leaves in my grandmother's lovely garden. The vine leaves are real but the stuffing is mud from the garden. I do not care about the taste, though, what interests me is the beautiful design of this Greek dish and the exquisite combination of colours. I feel in colours and I dream in colours. Hence the name I have chosen for my brand: COLOURBOX.

When I first my company with my husband 18 years ago people had a great fear of colour and it was extremely difficult to persuade anyone to buy anything that was not in earth tones. I am proud to say that with my work all these years I have helped a little to make people less afraid of colour. Nowadays, my work can be found in boutique stores all over Greece and Europe.

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