Dorit Fuhg, born in 1973 in the Ore Mountains in Germany, is an internationally renowned photographer. Inspired by traditional film photography, she focuses on black & white fine art, travel and experimental photography. Her passion is to capture the mood of a scene as well as the essence of a thing. The driving force behind making pictures is her interest in anything naturally beautiful, recording moments and documenting her surroundings.


After living in Switzerland, Norway and the UK for fourteen years, Dorit returned to her home country in 2012, currently living in Dresden.


„Dorit Fuhg is a highly-gifted photo artist when it comes to capture mood and atmospheres. Occasionally one is reminded of film stills of famous classic movies. Her images seem silky smooth, sometimes neurotic and at the same time, they convey a sense of comfort.“ Stephan Franck (Art Historian/ Creative Consultant)

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