Davor Zilic was born 1975 in small pitoresque town Petrinja in Croatia. He earns his Master of Fine Art from Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb, Croatia 1997. Zilic presented his works on over 60 solo and numerous group exhibitions, held in Croatia and abroad. For his work he has received numerous awards and honors.

At the beginning of his education, a war started in Croatia, and after his hometown Petrinja was occupied, Zilic and his family became refugees. The four years of their exile were filled with uncertainty and constant searching for the roof over their heads. This war experience taught Zilic to appreciate every moment of life, transforming him into a dedicated and optimistic person.

From the beginning of his education he showed interest in painting techniques of old masters and was experimenting with various painting materials, developing his recognizable and very realistic method of works.

“My paintings are crystal clear visions of my perfect world. Inspiration comes to me from the surrounding nature. Every motive has a special place in my heart. In my every art piece I try to reach a feeling of calmness through an amazing scene rich in colors and details that make my work recognizable!“ This is what Davor said about his work.

Zilic, besides painting, works as a full-time professor of fine art at the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb. Currently, Davor lives and paints in his home town of Petrinja.

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