My art practice is a simple reflection of my personality, who I am. As any artist I’m constantly inspired. I always think about art and think about the different ways I can deliver it to the public.

I never want to be tied to one style of creativity. I create unique pieces, so I don’t want to be known or recognized for a recurrent style. I’d rather be known for my exploration of different disciplines. Seeking new challenges to further develop my art practice, my learning and my artistic development.

In my paintings I reference urban life and the modern industrial world, while acknowledging nature’s beauty and surprise. I am encouraged by experimentation and by pushing boundaries. I relish in mistakes and tire of repetition. I love the power and statement in simple compositions juxtaposed with areas of layering and detail.

It’s when all these elements are combined, I feel my paintings are successful and only then do I feel like an artist.

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