David spent a period of his childhood living in Eastern Africa and it was here that his love for wildlife and landscape was instilled. He has been a professional and well respected artist for a number of years. Although David likes to work in very fine detail, understandably difficult in his medium of oil and canvas, he is a painter in the traditional classic sense and believes a painting should have character and presence. Early influences were 19th century oil painters such as Augustus Glendenning and Edward Wilkins Waite. A landscape and wildlife painter by preference, David likes to explore a variety of subjects. He has a fascination with the interplay of light within the context of a painting and has imaginative use of colour.

David has a popular range of limited edition prints and his work has been licensed on to prints, greeting cards, plates and calendars. David’s originals are bought by collectors worldwide but the majority reside in the UK, USA and Japan.

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